How to Do a Life Audit Intro First Part As we’re nearing the end of January and the first few weeks of implementing any New Year’s resolutions, I wanted to talk through how to do a simple and easy life audit. Today’s assignment is just to follow along with the tips and get a journal […]

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How to Do a Life Audit

The Areas of Life – podcast show notes and transcript. Enjoy! Intro Hello lovely people and welcome to the Lovely Digest podcast. I am your host and friend Emily, founder and creative director at BECK Creative, sharing weekly wellness wisdom with you every Wednesday. My goal is to help you design your dream life and […]

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The Areas of Life

Come along with me for a weekend in Maine! I hope you enjoy this video – I realized pretty quickly posting everyday was a bit of a stretch. The videos lost a lot of quality and while I love chatting and connecting with you all, I’d rather have nicer sit down videos to answer your […]

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A Weekend in Maine

Day five and six in one! Providence food recommendations and weekend recap rolled into one video. This weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster, but I wanted to give some food recommendations and get back on my goal of posting every weekday for a month. Tomorrow I’m heading to my fifth infusion and plan to […]

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Providence Food Recommendations & Weekend Recap

While journaling, meditating, nourishing my body, doing yoga/pilates, and having a routine help me maintain homeostasis in my body and mind, the following help me cope when the world outside is turbulent and I can feel it start to impact me:

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How to Soothe Chronic Stress – The Root of Illness

Here are some main areas to look into when revamping your health and wellbeing:

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Holistic Wellbeing

Having a minimal and sustainable skincare routine can sound so daunting, but as I’ve pared down my products, I’ve found that I really enjoy my morning and evening rituals so much more.

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How to Have a Minimal (and Sustainable) Skincare Routine

Holistic health is really about looking at the whole picture, rather than zooming into symptoms.

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What “Holistic” Health Actually Means

Our gut, or enteric brain, is an important part of our body. It makes up the majority of our immune system and studies have shown when our gut microflora is impacted, our quality of life suffers.

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How Gut Health Impacts Daily Life