Watch here after 3/20/23: I had my first colonoscopy at 17. The doctor thought I had GI issues, when I really just had a hernia. A little backstory – it’s common that those developing Crohn’s Disease start to have symptoms/show degeneration on colonoscopies five years before severe illness. However, my colonoscopy was clean. Less […]

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How to have a positive colonoscopy experience

Show Notes Hello lovelies, welcome back, this month I am covering topics related to navigating a chronic illness as three years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I recently turned 26 and in the United States that means that you get booted off your parents’ health insurance and need to get your own. I […]

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Health Insurance Basics

Come along with me for a weekend in Maine! I hope you enjoy this video – I realized pretty quickly posting everyday was a bit of a stretch. The videos lost a lot of quality and while I love chatting and connecting with you all, I’d rather have nicer sit down videos to answer your […]

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A Weekend in Maine

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Come with me to my infusion this week! I have Inflectra infusions every eight weeks. Luckily I can go to a center near my house. Usually I’ll take some time off to rest, or just make sure I don’t have any calls the next day so I can stay in bed and listen to my […]

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Come With Me to My Infusion

Day five and six in one! Providence food recommendations and weekend recap rolled into one video. This weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster, but I wanted to give some food recommendations and get back on my goal of posting every weekday for a month. Tomorrow I’m heading to my fifth infusion and plan to […]

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Providence Food Recommendations & Weekend Recap

My time as a virtual assistant opened up so many doors and gave me the opportunity to learn how to run a business. I tripled my income in the first month of business and have been able to support myself completely while working part time. If you have a few minutes to watch the video […]

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My Time as a Virtual Assistant

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Welcome to day two of posting everyday for a month! Today I want to chat about how I started my business. Like I spoke about yesterday, I started at the beginning of the pandemic and when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I wanted to have a job that was flexible, remote at least part time, […]

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Starting a Design Business

Managing work with a chronic illness is difficult, but in unexpected ways. For me, it’s less about not feeling well and more about the amount of doctors appointments and need for flexibility. I can work a 40+ hour a week, and often do as a new business owner, but knowing I can take an afternoon […]

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Managing Work and a Chronic Illness

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Youtube about my migraines!