Doing this has cultivated compassion for myself. Ways to cultivate compassion for yourself in hard times:


How Precious Life Is

I had planned to switch to a new pill because I was taking a pill that increased risk of stroke with migraine with aura, but I knew intuitively that my body wouldn’t be able to handle a change let alone absorb a new pill if I couldn’t take the other one.

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Post Pill Blues

Recently on my instagram, @thelovelydigest, I’ve started sharing more reels about how you can jump start your healing process and take actionable steps to change your life. Because these steps are so crucial in leading a healthy life, I wanted to go into more detail about them here.


Actionable Steps for Starting Your Own Healing Journey

As we go into the holiday season, it’s important to remember that while it’s the season of giving, we have to give to ourselves as well. Focusing inward is my favorite part of my routine, and I make sure to go through my mental checklist every once and awhile to make sure I’m acting on my goals and promises to myself.


Checklist for Focusing Inward